KÜRT – Data Recovery and Information Security



In the past 26 years, we have been honored with various awards for our achievements in information technology, economy, or on the field of humane activity.

KÜRT Data Recovery became ‘Hungarikum’ (2014)
KÜRT Data Recovery was awarded as the first Hungarikum in the Technical and Technological Category.

Disabled-friendly Workplace Award (2012, 2015)
This award is given companies which are continously developing their practice regarding employing and retaining disabled people.

Magyar Brands (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
The KÜRT brand has earned Magyar Brands status, which is awarded to Hungarian brands that are worthy representatives of Hungary’s commercial sector both at home and abroad, and which are synonymous with the values of reliability and quality among shoppers in both the Hungarian and international markets.

Prizma Kreatív PR Awards, 1st place (2009)
KÜRT won the award in the market launch and market re-launch category with its entry entitled “KÜRT Academy, an intellectual adventure”.

Napi Gazdaság Innovation Award (2009)
KÜRT won the Napi Gazdaság Innovation Award in the medium-sized enterprise category, in recognition of its efforts to further innovation.

Business SuperBrands (2008, 2009, 2010)
Based on the decision of the Evaluation Comittee the KÜRT brand awarded the Business SuperBrands Award.

“Best Boss 2007” readers’ poll (2007)
KÜRT’s CEO József Kmetty won Menedzsment Fórum’s “Best Boss 2007” award in an internet-based poll of the management-themed news portal.

Health-Friendly Workplace (2006)
In a competition held by the National Institute for Health Development (OEFI) and the Ministry of Health as a part of the Public Health Program, KÜRT was awarded the title of Health-Friendly Workplace.

Healthy Workplace AmCham Best Practice Award (2005)
The excellent working conditions that KÜRT provides for its employees earned the company the Healthy Workplace AmCham Best Practice Award from the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary.

Best Workplace Award (2005)
In an international survey KÜRT was found to be among the best places to work.

Family-Friendly Workplace Award (2005)
KÜRT achieved first place in the medium-sized enterprise category for its efforts to ensure good working conditions for its employees and to accommodate the needs of families.

Europe’s 500 (2006)
In 2006 KÜRT won the Europe’s 500 award for the most dynamically growing enterprise. The accolade bears witness to the fact that KÜRT’s growth over the foregoing years has been outstanding even by European standards.

Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2004”  international business award
Dr. Sándor Kürti was given the award for his creativity, for his personal contribution to the accomplishment of innovative ideas, and his success in creating a model organizational culture at KÜRT Co.

Healthy Workplace AmCham Award (2004)
KÜRT’s exemplary human resource management and excellent working conditions provided for employees were honored by the American Chamber of Commerce with the Healthy Workplace AmCham Award.

Széchenyi Prize (2004)
Dr. Sándor Kürti was decorated with the Széchenyi Prize for his exceptionally high standard, exemplary, internationally acknowledged accomplishments in the year 2004.

Award for Competitive Product Development (2003)
The Award for Competitive Product Development was founded by the Research-Development Consultation Center, and Sándor Kürti received it for working out data recovery and data security products and technologies.

Innovation Award (2002)
Awarded by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, in the year 2002, for the development of Information Security System (ISyS®) and its introduction on both the internal and the international market.

Award for Business Ethics (2002)
Founded by the Budapest Klub, awarded to KÜRT in 2002.

Gábor Dénes Prize (1998)
Dr. Sándor Kürti was awarded for his creative achievements in Hungarian technical and intellectual life.

The IT Manager of the Year Award (1997, 1998)
The company’s founder János Kürti and Sándor Kürti received the award in 1997, Sándor Kürti in 1998.

Kalmár László Prize (1995)
Awarded by the John von Neumann Society of Computing Sciences to the staff of KÜRT for their achievements in computing sciences.

Grand Prix of Innovation in Hungary (1994)
In 1994, KÜRT was awarded the Grand Prix of innovation for the year’s most important technological develop

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