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We support education. Why education? Of the countless areas in need of support, we had to choose one, and this is the one we chose. Why did we have to choose? Because we are sensitive to social issues, but our resources are finite.

H2O project
In 2009 the “Educating the Disadvantaged” (H20) project was launched in Hungary, with the mission of turning around some of the least competitive schools in the most neglected corners of the country, to make them into competitive institutions. The H20 project has been joined by KÜRT, which acts primarily as a donor and project sponsor. The aim of the initiative is to ensure that schoolchildren from less developed regions of the country, from disadvantaged social and cultural backgrounds, also receive equal opportunities in education. Using special educational methods, it prepares the teachers of the beneficiary school with the tools and skills necessary to teach disadvantaged students. The results speak for themselves: the schools that have adopted the methodology, formerly lagging behind in the league tables, today display above-average indicators with respect to academic results, prizes in academic competitions, and the proportion of students who go on to higher education.

Project Manager: Tünde Fatima Rácz
Tel: +36 70 978 0032
Bank account number:  11600006-00000000-43730841

Kürt Foundation High School
In 1991, with what was a huge sum in terms of our own financial resources (all of our after-tax profit for the year 1990), but a negligible amount in terms of the capital required to found a school, we contributed to the establishment of the KÜRT Foundation High School.  
From the Deed of Foundation:
“The aim of the foundation: To organise and maintain high school education that does away with the impersonal methods of imparting knowledge fostered by educational institutions, and to restore the basic purpose of teaching: that is, to guide students to a knowledge born of personal experience, and to help them independently find their feet in the real world.
In keeping with this, teaching is not primarily a transfer of information, but the shaping of an outlook. By nurturing individual capabilities, the school attempts to cultivate balanced personalities with the ability to view the different areas of life and the various spheres of reality as part of an organic whole.”  

We are pleased to have donated money and lent our name to a good cause and at the right time. We are proud of the teachers and students of the KÜRT High School (even if they thrash us at football every now and then).

KÜRT Foundation High School
Dr. Anikó Vas, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees
Address: 1117 Budapest, Bogdánffy. u. 5/b.
Telephone: +36-1-379-1501

Foundation “for the education of disadvantaged, particularly Roma, children”
In 1996 we established the Foundation “for the education of disadvantaged, particularly Roma, children” at Pannonia University, which was then still named the University of Veszprém.
There we met with the professors who had made this issue their personal calling.
The objective of the foundation is “…to provide support for talented but disadvantaged secondary school students – particularly those of Roma origin – creating an opportunity for them to progress to higher education. It is especially important to support Gypsy youth and assist them in joining the educated classes, so that they may set a positive example for their peers, and thus help the entire disadvantaged gypsy minority.”  
Dr. Géza Horváth tel: 06 88 624 258/4450
Address: 8200 Veszprém, Egyetem u. 10.
The foundation’s tax number: 18923205-1-19

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