KÜRT – Data Recovery and Information Security



KÜRT Co. has grown from a small, Hungarian-owned enterprise into an international company group, developing technologies and solutions for information protection, data loss prevention and data recovery. KÜRT has earned considerable recognition and acclaim for its cutting edge technologies.

KÜRT Co. has been present on the IT market for 26 years. We offer innovative solutions for eliminating the consequences of IT disasters, and for preventing disasters, abuses and system problems. Our information management division is one of the key players in the Hungarian market, and benefits from the experience it has gained from literally hundreds of successfully completed IT security projects. Our incident management team boasts unique expertise and a range of inhouse-developed solutions in ethical hacking, log analysis and network investigation.

KÜRT’s service portfolio has earned it considerable success the world over. Our data recovery know-how was purchased by the government of Vietnam and of Egypt, and our IT security services are used by clients in many countries, from the EU to the Middle East.
KÜRT has been profitable since its inception. It is owned by Hungarian private individuals. Our professional work, HR policy and CSR activities have earned us numerous professional awards both in Hungary and abroad.

Mission statement

  • We offer globally-competitive solutions for the installation of high security IT systems, the prevention of IT disasters, and damage limitation if disasters occur.
  • Our goal is to be the best company in the Hungarian IT security market, and to raise our profile on the international market.
  • Our most valuable asset is a highly skilled, innovative, experienced and united team of employees.
  • We measure our success by the long term satisfaction of our clients, staff, and owners.
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