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Our HR Strategy

Our HR Strategy

There is extremely fierce competition in our particular market. We simply must be the top player. To achieve such an ambitious goal we need the most mentally prepared and creative team of professionals, each with a positive attitude to their work. There is simply no other option.

KÜRT’s resources are, almost exclusively, intellectual assets. We believe that our high performance, our ability to react to changes rapidly and to maintain our competitiveness are only achievable when operations are based on a harmony of aims shared by both the organization and the individuals within it.

Our main strategies

  • Personal development: the continuous development of the knowledge and abilities of our staff in order to retain our competitiveness
  • In addition to our induction training, our company provides various professional development and skills-enhancing training sessions
  • We use performance management techniques to improve both the success of the company and the performance of individual employees
  • We provide attractive incentive packages

We reward the valuable work of our staff through competitive salaries and additional benefits such as:

  • Support for the birth of a child
  • Healthcare services
  • Subsidised sports
  • Corporate sponsored leisure activities
  • Open culture, friendly and stimulating atmosphere

KÜRT currently employs about 100 people at its modern office located at Budapest. The average age of our staff is 34. Our team is therefore young and dynamic; the company atmosphere is pervaded with a sense of openness and mutual trust. Company events, where the KÜRT Band, made up of employees, always performs, act both as team-building occasions and as relaxing events for colleagues and their families.

The application process

When you fill in our application form, you will be “uploaded” into our database. You are welcome to apply even if there are no positions that match your interests currently available but you believe that your experience and knowledge fit well with KÜRT’s activities. Any personal information you give will be treated confidentially!

The selection process

Application forms, along with any attached CVs, are uploaded into KÜRT’s database. Whenever a position becomes vacant, the initial selection of candidates is made from this database. When a post comes up, applications go through a pre-selection process and the candidates who best meet the requirements of the vacant post are invited for a first-round (HR) interview. If this proves successful, a second-round specialist interview follows, usually with the head of the department involved.
The selection process for certain positions might include, in addition to the above, trial professional tasks, and in some cases even a final interview with the CEO.
Throughout the selection process we provide all applicants with feedback about the individual steps of the process, either in written form or by telephone.

People we look for

We look for applicants with impeccable ethical and high professional standards who face new challenges with youthful enthusiasm and can apply their creative spirit, excellent communication skills and their knowledge of English in individual or in team work.
We welcome applications at any time from computer science advisors, software developers, sales people, system managers and engineers, as well as from people who have experience in other fields of information technology.

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