KÜRT – Data Recovery and Information Security

Securing data in central Europe

Business Hungary Marth 1. 2006 Kürt launches regional expansion. Sándor Kürti and his brother János founded Kürt in 1989 based on their experience assembling and repairing computer data storage systems, and built the company into a world leader in recovering lost … More

Indulgent workplaces

The majority of employers do not worry if their employees live unhealthily. When a company provides healthcare, and creates the conditions for a healthy diet as well as the opportunities for sport and recreation activities, then that company may be … More

The company where security is a way of life

Participants were given the opportunity to see practical examples of data security during a three day conference run by Kürt Rt. The name of Kürt Rt. will be familiar to our readers: it is no exaggeration to say that the … More

Changing of the guard at KÜRT

Piac és Profit 5th October 2004,  KÜRT Rt., the globally-acknowledged expert in professional data recovery technology and information security services, celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2004. During the press conference held to celebrate the anniversary, Kürt’s owner and general manager, … More

Who’s News

Budapest Business Journal 2004. október 18. At the beginning of October, Sándor Kürti, 57, became president of data recovery and IT security powerhouse Kürt Computer System House Co. ln his new position, he will oversee the strategic management and the … More

Kürt ponders futher expansion

Budapest Business Journal 2004. október 18. Kürt Computer System House Rt; a local specialist in data protection and recovery, is looking to set up more subsidiaries to add to its companies in Germany and Austria. These are likely to be … More

Memories can be “bought back”

Magyar Hírlap 2004. szeptember 16. Many people preserve their summer holiday moments with a digital camera; however, photos stored in these sensitive machines may vanish without a trace thanks to a clumsy move or inadequate handling. With the help of … More

Data recovery firm looks to expand further abroad

Budapest Business Journal 2004. július 12. Kürt Computer System House Rt, a specialist in data protection and recovery, is reshaping its range of services, with the aim of making its portfolio more accessible. Simultaneously, it is expanding internationally. “In Hungary, … More

The Data Recoverer

Business & Economy 2004. május 4. Sándor Kürti is not the kind of person who is afraid of the future. The quite optimistic engineer started a job in the same department of a state company where his brother János was … More

Golden Retrievers

The Hungarian Quarterly 2004. április 1. Few people even in Hungary knew of KÜRT Co, when Business Week wrote in 1995 that they had put Hugnarian high tech on the map. By then, it was the fourth largest data-recovery firm … More

Hard driven duo take on Goliath of data recovery

The Guardian March 3, 2004 We all know that sinking feeling when the screen in front of you freezes and the computers whirs to a halt, when the on-off switch, boot discs and your most computer literate friends all fail … More

Putting Hungarian High Tech on the Map

Business Week February 21, 2004 From Hardware to biotech, hundreds of startups are thriving. János Kürti learned about disk drives the hard way. As an electronical engineer in Hungary in the 1970s, he repaired the clunky Communist-era computers owned by … More