KÜRT – Data Recovery and Information Security

Changing of the guard at KÜRT

Piac és Profit
5th October 2004, 

KÜRT Rt., the globally-acknowledged expert in professional data recovery technology and information security services, celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2004. During the press conference held to celebrate the anniversary, Kürt’s owner and general manager, Dr. Sándor Kürti, announced that he had handed over the post of general manager, and with it the responsibility for operational management, to József Kmetty, up to that point the commercial and deputy-general manager at the company.

Besides the alterations to the management, KÜRT continues the expansion of the last two years: Following the one million euro investments in both its German and Austrian branches, discussions are already in progress on company formations in Asia and America. The management change does not affect the main policy of KÜRT to preserve its market leading position in Hungary, both in the fields of data recovery and information security. Dr. Sándor Kürti, who henceforth will work as the president of the joint-stock company, considers the framing of future prospects and the development of a future strategy for the group of companies to be his most important task.

”Conditions are now suitable for me, as an owner, to concentrate solely on the strategy of the company, and to observe the activity of the company group from a greater distance. This has become more and more important, as our strategic task is more complicated than I imagined it would be a few years ago. The radius of action now, not to mention future plans for expansion, needs to be defined for the three companies that are active in various countries,” declared Dr. Sándor Kürti.
Statistics on KÜRT: Operations in 3 countries – Hungary: KÜRT Rt., Germany: Datenrettung Deutschland GmbH, Austria: KUERT Information Management GmbH; 15 years in operation; references on information security from 60 large companies and financial institutions; 180 information security projects; 25,000 storage media destroyed; 30,000 data recovery cases; 150,000 GBs of successfully recovered data (including 48,000 so far this year). Dr Sándor Kürti, President, manages the strategy, József Kmetty, the operational side.