KÜRT – Data Recovery and Information Security

Data recovery at KÜRT for the price of an ice cream – Advanced technological solutions for private individuals – on an instalment plan, with insurance, available immediately and at an affordable price

6 July 2009, Budapest

KÜRT Zrt. has updated and added several new features to its offering of data recovery services. Since, with the growing popularity of mobile data carriers, the incidence of data loss is increasing from year to year among home users (KÜRT’s experts recovered a whopping 100,000 gigabytes of private data last year alone), the company, which specialises in data recovery and information security, has promised to make its state-of-art technological solutions available to private users quickly and conveniently.

A natural outcome of our digitalised world is that we store our data on computers, cameras, pen drives and other mobile or non-mobile data carriers. Our photos, letters, intellectual property and the fruits of our labour are dependent on one of these tools, and this is perfectly natural. However, we do not always appreciate just how valuable this often irreplaceable data – that is, our digital possessions – are to us. Not, that is, until we become the victims of data loss.
Whether it’s personal or business data we’re talking about, it often represents not just financial but also important sentimental value for us.

KÜRT, which specialises in data recovery solutions, has solved thousands of data recovery cases over the past years. The company, which is a market leader, believes that the effect of data loss should be mitigated in every possible way and is continuously striving to make available its data recovery services in an increasingly simple, convenient and affordable form. KÜRT wants to achieve this goal through its latest data recovery service primarily aimed at private individuals and small companies by providing them with access to the advanced technological solutions offered by one of the leading data recovery laboratories in the world. These services are of particular importance during the summer months, as according to statistics it is then that data carriers tend to suffer the most damage.

Quick price quote
Previously, KÜRT’s customers had to wait 3 days for the data carrier to be examined and for the data recovery process to begin, but thanks to recent developments the company can now provide its customers with an expert opinion and a price quote free of charge within just 25 minutes of receiving the damaged data carrier, and if the service is ordered, KÜRT’s experts will start the data recovery process right away.

Data recovery on an instalment plan
This consumer loan facility is available for private individuals for any data recovery order. KÜRT intends to make the instalment plan available for individuals who could not previously have afforded the service due to its relatively high costs.

Data recovery for the price of an ice cream
This year KÜRT began to develop a new service, which is unique in Hungary, together with various key players in the insurance market.
This solution consists of a data recovery availability service that can be requested together with home and travel insurance packages for a small fee of a few hundred forints. The essence of the service is that in cases of data loss related to damage events covered by the insurance contract, KÜRT agrees to recover the customer’s data, provided that it is technically feasible to do so.
If the data recovery service is ordered in this form, the customer will be exempt from all additional costs.

“Our German subsidiary receives a large number of cases that are covered by an insurance contract, that is, where the cost of recovery is covered by an insurance company. We want to make available this cost effective solution to Hungarian users as well,” Gábor Szekeres explained.

It’s worth pointing out, though, that all this cutting-edge technology will come to nought if people without the necessary expertise cause damage to the data carrier before it gets to the experts at KÜRT. “Once you realise there’s a problem, don’t try to fix it at home, but immediately seek professional assistance instead,” advises Gábor Szekeres, head of KÜRT’s data recovery division.

In the future, KÜRT plans to make the new package available to its corporate customers as well.