KÜRT – Data Recovery and Information Security

Dr. Sándor Kürti elected Entrepreneur of the Year

Budapest, 10. January 2005. – Ernst & Young’s international business award “Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2004” was issued for the second time in Hungary. Dr. Sándor Kürti, President of KÜRT Co. received the award on a select party on the 9th of January 2005, held at the Royal Ball Room of Corinthia Grand Hotel.

The award founded by Ernst & Young in 1986 is also called the Oscar of business life, awarded in 40 countries all over the world. The main objective of the award is to improve business culture, the acknowledgement and propagation of exemplary business and management models. Dr. Sándor Kürti was given the award for his creativity, for his personal contribution to the accomplishment of innovative ideas, and his success in creating a model organizational culture at KÜRT Co. “It came as a surprise to me, because managers of other Hungarian companies, much larger and more successful than KÜRT, have been among those nominated. In any event, the fact that this could happen at all gives me reassurance that the road to success is open for small and medium size Hungarian enterprises. The road is not a walk on the beach, but with creativity, assiduousness, persistence and uncompromising dedication to quality can take you a long way”, says dr. Sándor Kürti when asked about his views. KÜRT has been present on the Hungarian information technology market in the past 16 years; it was one of the first companies worldwide to work out its own data recovery technology that’s been in the leading edge ever since, rescuing data from damaged magnetic storage media, and its proprietary information security methodology (ISyS®). KÜRT’s latest innovation are service packages KÜRT Security Assurance és Security Assurance Pro meant to continuously maintain organizations’ information security level. KÜRT’s technologies are prominent products in Hungarian information technology export. KÜRT has grown into an international group of companies. Its affiliates are already operating in Austria and Germany, and further branches are planned to open soon in the United States and the Far East. The next move shall be to Monte Carlo in May, the allocation of the award “World Entrepreneur of the Year” will be given to one of the winners of the 40 countries. Whatever may happen in Monte Carlo, Hungarian winner dr. Sándor Kürti has already secured his place in the The Entrepreneur Of The Year Hall of Fame, member of the Entrepreneur of the year Academy.