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Flash Doktor – the saviour of the family photo

KÜRT Zrt. and Európai Utazási Biztosító Zrt. (European Travel Insurance Ltd) have come together to market Flash Doktor, the first data insurance service in Hungary, available in travel agencies and via the internet since 1 January. For a monthly premium of a few hundred forints the insurance saves you the cost of recovering accidentally lost data stored on flash data carriers, which may otherwise cost tens of thousands of forints to recover. KÜRT boasts one of the most advanced data recovery technologies in the world for this service.

Can you think of anything more frustrating than seeing an error message on your digital camera or camcorder at the end of the family holiday telling you that hundreds of special moments recorded on the memory card have been lost? This is not as unusual as you might think, as flash memory cards, on which digital cameras and camcorders record photos and data, will break down sooner or later as a result of their structure and the technology they use. In the past, once the damage had been done it could cost quite a bit to recover the irreplaceable images.
Data can be recovered thanks to special technologies and exceptional expertise, but this service doesn’t come cheap. The solution, as in many other comparable cases, is insurance. That’s why KÜRT Zrt. and Európai Utazási Biztosító Zrt. have teamed up to develop the Flash Doktor, a simple and inexpensive answer to the problem of lost data. Instead of shelling out tens of thousands of forints, you may be able to recover your lost gems of data for an insurance premium of a few hundred forints a month.
How does the system work? When you take out insurance before a trip and check if your insurance policy covers the risks of the planned trip, you can simply add Flash Doktor to the insurance package. This insurance can be purchased from online insurance brokers, from travel agents or as an independent product, for special occasions (such as a wedding, or the birth of a child). If data is lost, all you have to do is call the claims adjuster, and the insurer will cover the cost of data recovery. The defective memory card is processed by KÜRT’s data recovery experts, who have 20 years of experience and globally renowned technology at their disposal to recover your most precious memories.
As a first for the Hungarian market, KÜRT Zrt. and Európai Utazási Biztosító Zrt. have developed an insurance package specifically designed to cover data loss, with more such specialist products to come. Flash Doktor is the first of these products, but one that covers a large area of risk and that provides insurance for a type of risk that has not been covered in the past at all. In the near future, the developers of the service plan to offer insurance for defects in other data carriers that we use at home or in our work, such as the hard disks of computers, laptops or electronic entertainment systems. “We’re certain that data insurance offers a quick and efficient solution to situations where unexpected data loss occurs, so that you can enjoy a worry-free holiday without any unnecessary problems arising. We’re especially pleased that KÜRT has found an innovative partner in Európai Utazási Biztosító Zrt, and so I have no doubt that our future insurance packages will also succeed”, said Gábor Szekeres, head of KÜRT’s data recovery division.