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Hacker lab at the KÜRT Academy

19 May 2010, Budapest,

the KÜRT Academy launches hackLAB, a community of ethical hackers focused on research and development that operates within an institutional framework. The hacker lab was founded by the graduates of the one-year course in ethical hacker training offered by the KÜRT Academy who have already proven their exceptional skills and professional expertise in real-life projects and live deployment.
The purpose of hackLAB is to provide information to the market about the professional criteria of ethical hacking and to share the advantages of safe information technology, which is based on its developments, with an increasing number of users.

KÜRT Academy launched its one-year ethical hacker training for the second time this year. The training is provided to small groups; approximately 15 people receive comprehensive professional training from the institution each year. Registered students gain a complete overview of the latest in hacker technology; they practice the acquired skills in a series of workshops, receive training in the legal and psychological aspects of ethical hacking and learn to manage critical customer situations and complex projects.

The students in the first hacker class came to the KÜRT Academy from a large variety of backgrounds: the group boasted a broad range of knowledge and experience, as it included a physical security expert, an IT director and even an Oracle specialist. The KÜRT Academy hackLAB provides an additional forum for this community, where they can update their knowledge, work together and prepare for future developments, but we also want to include ethical hackers who share the spirit and objectives of the hackLAB due to their know-how, commitment to quality and development-oriented approach.

The purpose of this community is to publicise the quality criteria of the hacker profession to market players in Hungary, to ensure that customer expectations are well represented in projects and that the quality of services in the market improves. The hackLAB community is developing, among other things, methods for protection and inspection that provide a sufficient level of security for a wide range of users, regardless of the size of the company concerned.

The KÜRT Academy hackLAB offers a cost-efficient solution to market players that wish to capitalise on the expertise of this professional community in providing protection for their company. The resources of the community are available both for corporate ethical hacker projects and security developments.

During the next open house session of the KÜRT Academy, from 3 p.m. on Thursday 27 May, the public will hear presentations on the content of the one-year ethical hacker training course and will meet the founders of hackLAB as well as the director of the course.
During the second year of the hacker school, the KÜRT Academy will launch a business supervisor training under the leadership of Dr. Károly Keserű. This training is suitable for and offers a training opportunity with tremendous potential to business professionals – primarily executives, developers and consultants (coaches) – who are open to change and self-reflection and strive to achieve honest, high-integrity relationships in business.

In September, the business coach training course offered by László Mérő and Zoltán Baracskai will be held once again. Participants will be introduced to intriguing professional perspectives and new business solutions authored by the internationally recognised grand masters in the subject and presented by leading professionals from Hungary’s scientific community.

KÜRT Academy’s training courses are held in the event and training centre at KÜRT’s Budaörs headquarters. The conference and training halls, equipped with the latest technology, provide an excellent venue for these high-quality programs.