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Healthy to work at KÜRT

December 8, 2004

KÜRT Co. won first prize at the „Healthy Workplace AmCham Prize” competition from the American Chamber of Commerce. The prize is awarded to those companies that are highly concerned about the health of their employees. The prizegiving and the seminar presenting the winners’ methods was held in the ballroom of Hilton Budapest Westend on 16thNovember 2004. The prize was collected by Lili Gergácz, HR manager of Kürt Co.
The opening date of applications for winning the Healthy Workplace AmCham Prize was announced for the second time in 2004. Among the points of evaluation were whether the workplace assures health provisions, the possibility of medical consultation, and participation in screening programmes. It is important for employees to spend their break time among comfortable circumstances, and to guarantee the conditions of a healthy diet. As these days office workers are characteristically deprived of exercise, priority is given to companies supporting proper ergonomics, physical exercise, and sport activities.

KÜRT, which can be found in the suburban part of the XIth district, believed in the creation of proper circumstances from the very beginning. This statement is true for every area of concern, from the selection of the location of the headquarters to the private swimming pool and sauna; plus the various equipments for different sports, the additional allowances given for the same reason, and the kitchen and dining hall having an intimate atmosphere whilst satisfying every demand.

Almost all employees at KÜRT sit in front of a computer (doing office work), therefore, without exception, low radiation, high-frequency monitors are used. There has been an increase in the number of the applied LCD panels that are even less harmful when doing office work. For those employees who are using the computers for several hours, rest is prescribed in order to ease psychological and neural stress.

KÜRT makes every effort to make the less-than-ergonomically-ideal computerized workplace more comfortable. The appropriate design of work places not only prevents several health problems, but it also increases the comfort of the employee, who therefore feels more at ease, and the onset of weariness is delayed compared to an incorrectly-formed workplace. Special ergonomic products ensure the soundest working conditions.

The management of KÜRT has kept a healthy lifestyle in focus from the company’s establishment in 1989, especially with regard to smoking.  Smoking is absolutely forbidden inside the office building, the appointed smoking area being located in the garden throughout the year.

KÜRT consciously strives to reduce the amount of accumulated waste, through professional treatment and elimination. The company has been practicing selective waste collection for more than 12 years. (paper, metal, plastic, batteries, accumulators, and other hazardous materials).

“It is an honour for us to be given this special award. This is an external, objective verification of the company management’s long-established ambition, with which they tried to ensure from the beginning perceptibly better and healthier circumstances for the employees than they were accustomed to.  Managers of a given company are prone to forget that their care for the employee is repaid several times by means of greater effectiveness and better atmosphere, which are key factors for successful operation” – declared Lili Gergácz, HR manager, in connection with the awarded title.