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KÜRT SeCube IT GRC software



GOVERN your IT security, think COMPLEX do EASY

What does SeCube provide?

  • IT GRC
    Workfl ow controlled support and management of Information Security Management System’s (ISMS) processes.
  • Risk management
    Development and maintenance of risk proportional security by in-depth analytical and treatment activities.
  • Business continuity management
    Holistic lifecycle support of IT recovery and business continuity management activities.
  • Compliance and Audit management
    Support to achieve and continually maintain compliance with information security legislation (HIPAA), international (ISO 27001, NIST) and industry or local standards.
  • Decision support
    Support of development and investment decisions, resources and cost optimization.
  • Resource management
    Resources, services, data assets, business processes in a comprehensive and flexible Inventory database with their operational relations and interactions.
  • Automatic reports
    Provision of up-to-date Risk analysis, Compliance and Gap analysis reports and BC & DR plans on demand.

Standards and methodologies:

  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management Systems
  • ISO 13335 – Management of Infrmation and Communications Technology Security
  • BS 25999 – Business Continuity Management
  • ARIS Process Modelling Methodology
  • CRAMM Risk Analysis Methodology


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