KÜRT – Data Recovery and Information Security

The company where security is a way of life

Participants were given the opportunity to see practical examples of data security during a three day conference run by Kürt Rt. The name of Kürt Rt. will be familiar to our readers: it is no exaggeration to say that the company is world famous in data recovery. For many years, however, Kürt Rt. has also been managing information security. They have probably seen far too much lost data not to know exactly how much cheaper and easier it is to protect something than to bring it back to life. Kürt Rt. held a three-day Information Security conference in Budapest with the participation of invited guests. Participants were told about the types of challenges executives encounter these days in the fields of IT, data security, and regulation of business processes. Throughout the conference we were introduced to Kürt Rt.’s newly marketed information management system with the help of practical examples: representatives from politics (Ministry for Home Affairs), finance (Concorde Securities Ltd.) and industry (Dreher Breweries Ltd.) gave presentations on information security projects Kürt has completed so far.

Kürt Rt. devoted the first day of the conference to the financial sector, on the second day administration and politics were in focus, and during the third day, executives and professionals of the industrial sector were centre-stage. In spite of the fact that the topic is not an easy area of IT, there was an audience of around 300 professionals.

Information security is an exceedingly complex problem for organizations and there is no sorcerer’s stone that will bring one magic solution for all companies. This is one reason why the topic was divided into three distinct sectors. The everyday operation of these organizations is threatened by numerous human, technological or even natural factors. For this reason, it is an onerous job to keep risk factors minimal. Massive amounts of business information are created and exchanged through electronic channels every day.

‘Keeping risk factors at a satisfactory level and the establishment of an efficient and continuous defence requires the synchronised work of experts from various fields of knowledge’, declared József Kmetty, the recently-appointed general manager of Kürt Rt. The latest information management package of Kürt Rt. was also presented. This system can be used for the complete assessment of security systems in use at institutions and companies, the implementation of the necessary modifications, the addition of any missing security components and then the continuous monitoring of the system. At the same time, it allows clients to intervene immediately in the event of an emergency. Consequently, the service is far more than just a technical device, it is an attempt to make security a way of life for a company.

Within the service, Kürt Rt. offers two main options: KÜRT Security Assurance offers continuous corrections to its customers and supervision every quarter; the KÜRT Security Assurance-Pro solution offers continuous control (maintenance or problem management) together with continuous access to the experts at Kürt Rt. Naturally, in both options the process begins with an initial expert evaluation.

Most presentations were given by Kürt experts, although invited guests also took the stage over the three days. Tamás Szárazajtai, IT Manager of Concorde Securities Ltd., talked about the implementation of information management systems. The company chose Kürt Rt. to introduce its programme because of its professional experience, and their already good business relationship. Their decision was greatly influenced by the fact that Kürt Rt. could offer a complete documentation system and tutorial methodology. Zsolt Szolnik, a leading civil servant at the Ministry for Home Affairs, in his paper entitled “New Challenges in the Development of Strategies Concerning Internal Affairs” spoke about aspects of information security that are considered important for the Ministry. On the third day of the conference participants were able to hear a presentation by Tamás Holczinger, IT Manager of Dreher Breweries Rt. His paper on operation and business continuity masterfully pointed out that information security is never an end in itself. He made it clear that it is not sufficient just to clear up IT systems; their relationship to business processes must be regulated, and this relationship must be defined. For this reason, what started at Dreher as an IT developmental project became a comprehensive information security project.

Attila Makk