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The Data Recoverer

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2004. május 4.

Sándor Kürti is not the kind of person who is afraid of the future. The quite optimistic engineer started a job in the same department of a state company where his brother János was working.
For personal reasons, he decided to quit his job at the oil refinery in the second half of the eighties where he had been working for years.
By that time, his brohter had a successful career in computer disk pack repairs – the forerunner of today’s hard disks – which were little treasures costing a fortune during a period in the Hungarian economy when the lack of goods was an everyday experience for everybody. No wonder that customers came in hoards to the Kürtis for their data carrier repairs.

Suddenly, still in the eighties, the Kürtis got a new task from the Hungarian general prosecutors’s office. They were asked to repair their computer, but with the data to remain on the disk pack. This was Sándor’s chance-originally a chemical and elecrical engineer who was working as an unskilled-worker at the state company- to prove that his software knowledge was of vital imporance for this unique task where the procedure was not about data recovery.

The Kürti brothers became business partners in their own enterprise after the transition and things ran smoothly until the nineties when a vital change came about: Hard drives. The data carriers of computers became cheaper and it was no longer worth repairing them. Feeling that they are losing ground, the Kürtis began to concentrate on an other activity: ”We began to ’shout’ that we can do data recovery,” remembers Sándor. ”We were a little bit afrad that it wouldn’t work as everybody denied the necessity for such an activity,” but he Kürtis soon realized that this was not the case: ”The same companies that denied the necessity of our activity officially came to us after they had problems with their IT system,” says Sándor.  ”They didn’t dare to cry out loud for help, but as soon as they saw the possibilty they rushed to us.”

Today the Kürtis are well known throughout the world. For ’96 they plan a turnover of USD 5-6 million. Sometimes its a Swiss, another time it’s a German industrial giant asking for help in data recovery. ”We have partners who collect work for us under their own name all over the world” says Sándor. ”Data recovery is a confidential thing, we may not be so successful if we worked under our own banner abroad. We have to accept that.” But this works pretty well.According to Sándor if he had a hundred million dollars he would invest it into the same business. He trusts the future.