KÜRT – Data Recovery and Information Security

Top IT accolade goes to KÜRT executive for the third time. József Kmetty named IT Company Manager of the Year, Dr Sándor Kürti receives special award

8 June 2007, Budapest
KÜRT Information Security and Data Recovery Zrt. scored a double-whammy at the 10th anniversary prize-giving ceremony of the Association of IT Enterprises (IVSZ). KÜRT’s CEO József Kmetty was presented with the Tibor Gyurós “IT Company Manager of the Year”; award, by Gábor Bojár, chairman of the judging panel and patron of the event. Kmetty was received the accolade in recognition of his contribution to KÜRT’s business growth and successful international expansion, based on the decision of an independent panel of experts. At the same event Dr. Sándor Kürti, the company’s chairman, was awarded the centenary “Pro IVSZ” special prize for his service to the IT sector.

This year was the tenth in which the Association of IT Enterprises (IVSZ) has awarded the Tibor Gyurós prize for excellence among IT industry executives. Every year, the cream of the Hungarian IT sector compete for the award, which goes to the IT manager who is deemed to have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the Hungarian IT industry. Nominations are judged by a panel of 12 independent experts.
The title of “IT Company Manager of the Year” 2007 went to József Kmetty, who was appointed CEO of KÜRT Zrt. three years ago. Kmetty received the accolade in recognition of his contribution to KÜRT’s business growth and international expansion, the company’s recognised achievements both in Hungary and abroad, and its innovations and exemplary corporate culture. Of the companies whose executives have received the “IT Company Manager of the Year” award in the past ten years, KÜRT is the only one to have been recognised in this manner on three occasions, as Kmetty’s predecessor and chairman of of KÜRT Zrt Dr. Sándor Kürti received the prize twice (in 1997 and 1998).
The achievements of KÜRT’s chairman and owner Dr. Sándor Kürti were also recognised at the IVSZ centenary prize-giving, as he was presented with the “Pro IVSZ” award for services to the Association.

“I can still remember when József began his career at KÜRT in 1990, on his first day he accidentally knocked a hard drive worth about half a million forints off the table. But joking aside, I am very proud of his achievement, because this award – especially through its association with the personality and work of Tibor Gyurós –  is one of the most important Hungarian accolades, and is indicative of genuinely outstanding performance,” said Dr Sándor Kürti after the presentation ceremony held in the Danubius Grand Hotel on Margit Island, Budapest.

József Kmetty:
József Kmetty began his career as a development engineer at the Hungarian Optical Works, where he participated in the development of data storage technology. From the beginning Kmetty (39) has been a key member, and, since October 2004, CEO of KÜRT, which was founded in 1989 by Dr. Sándor Kürti and his brother János Kürti. Kmetty’s appointment marked a change in the company’s approach from the hands-on ownership philosophy characteristic of small enterprises, to a manager-based structure. Besides operative management, Kmetty’s most important duties include development of the company’s business and expansion strategy, setting out the main directions of the sales strategy, and creating and developing new divisions. The information management portfolio that he built up earned the company its market-leading position in 2000. Working closely with KÜRT’s team of specialists, he established – alongside the company’s data recovery organisation – the information security division, which today generates 70% KÜRT’s revenue. Besides his contribution to KÜRT’s success story, he has also played a pioneering role in creating and promoting an information security culture in Hungary.
Kmetty graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from Budapest Technical University, where he also gained his MBA in management in 2005. He has two children, and is equally happy spending his free time on land, water or in the air.